Stagnated and uncompleted Cycles/Transitions

Unattended tensions broulliages, and painful or unbearable losses in Western families (e.g. children or one parent deceased) frequently result in stagnated or uncompleted transitions (life transitions). Virtuous cycles in social systems may turn into ‘vicious cycles’. What is not good is processed in (un) expected form into next generations.

Harmonic (healing) patterns can change in social systems’ diabolical (damaging) spirals. Life transitions that are processed incomplete be (un) expected form into next generations (Contextual Approach Nagy, 2012). Hot mutually connected members of families, groups, teams and organizations can therefore be unsafe in a relatively short time and fall apart. For some members may fragmentation of these systems lead to all kinds of emotional, social and psychological problems. Someone little, warm quality, bindings maintains a vulnerable man.

Children of divorced parents are more likely to divorce than children from congruent/stable  marriages/relationships. In western contexts, at this moment in time, we have few effective ways to restore troubled love relationships. We spend millions of Euros on research and identify tell tale signs of domestic violence but have no programs for organizing domestic harmony. Exception: experienced Dutch family therapist Urmy Macknack co-organizes workshops on Domestic Harmony in stead of targeting domestic violence.

Everything in nature and the cosmos is in permanent change. Transitions (phase transitions) play a central role. The transition model (van Bekkum et al 2016) which has been developed over the past decades in the Netherlands from therapy / onderijs practice provides language and ways clots in yourself, to restore fluent in your family, in your team and in your community.
If the wider (family / social) system and disruptive events in previous generations are not involved may falter processing and unnecessarily long. And may take charge members of the system for all kinds of complaints.
Anthropologists (sometimes also his therapist) do much research how large families (extended families) outside Europe solve through rites dangerous voltages and consequences of unbearable events.
On this site, at Bureau Protect Coats and when Marjon Arends Institute you will find lots of information and literature in the city (multicultural) contexts active ingredients of healing and rites are useful in therapeutic, healthcare, education and private family contexts.