Sport, Play and Loteries as As-If Communication Patterns

To stay in touch with our distant animal pasts we, humans,  frequently ‘need to eat humble pie‘ and get into ‘transitional (liminal/sacred/ritual) spaces‘ and experience ‘communitas‘.

These are our aboriginal ways to keep our collective minds (souls/hearts/bodies) sane and whole.

But urbanized/seculazied, in particular Western socialized, humans have lost touch with these deep ‘as-if’ opportunities.

That’s why we need more and more liminoid/artifical/kitsch as-if experiences which can be found in doing/watching) sports, playing in loteries, losing ourselves in gaming to feel alive and to find (fake/material) happiness.

Without this ‘seelische’ soul maintenance through AS-IF events like deep laughter, theater and rituals we, individuals minds, cannot exist and we fall apart.

In our clinical psychiatry, where I worked as a grouptherapist and did fieldwork for ten years, you may find lots of people that fall apart temporarily and permanently.

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