Weird People

WEIRD is an acronym, introduced in 2010 by the anthropologist Joseph Henrich, which reveals a long term epistemological flaw in USA psychological quantative research.

It turns out that the majority of USA psychological research was done on young people in high education (university ‘fresh(wo)men’) from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic subgroupings.

Anthropologist Joe Henrich, with Steven J. Heine and Ara Norenzayan, published two papers in which he makes a strong argument that a vast number of research results/publications, claimed to be universal to humanity, but turn out to be valid for USA college students only.

How collectively, blind, ethnocentric communities of scientists can become.

Or from another angle: How elite intellectual social systems are able to get lost in their own epistemological assumptions?

Or antother one: How deep is the desire in humans beings to ludicrious create beliefs as absolute truths?

The weirdest people in the world? (2010)

Most People Are Not Weird (2010)