Domination _Subordination

Among individual and between social systems of humans these is always a dynamic of domination – subordination. According to the anthropologist Gregory Bateson the concept of power has poor analytical and understanding potential. Foucault used the concept of power not only in negative sense. Power for him is present in all human relations for better of for worse.

This is close to Norbert Elias who claims that power is never absolute and always (relative) contextual. He coined the concept of balances of power (1985). The anthropologist Gregory Bateson, who developed a biological system theory on human (social) systems, refused to use the term and concept of power. He had two objections. First: in his view there is no power in/among or power balance between animals. In reproducing (cybernetic) systems only dynamics of dominating and subordinating. Second: power relations are unsafe by definition. This conception needs an antidotelove against power and domination in human relations. He tried love as a remedy.  Read more Guddemi 2010