00Disclaimer 2 Sankofa: sensory and cognitive experiences

In this disclaimer 2, being Dutch, I apologize for grammar and language errors in the translations of this site.

But even more I warn for the seducing and limitedness facilties of human verbal language, in particular (academic) spoken/written language.

Without language however we will not be able to help each other go back to places where humanity still was in synchrony with nature’s principles, cycles and transitions.

Anthropology still has to play a vital part in the retracing processes as I learned to practice them from my teacher dr. Ronald ‘Black Horse’ Chavers.

As son from father’s and mother’s families of blacksmiths, and as sportman, I know that recursive physical/social/emotional/crafting experiences are more vital te being human (learning to learrn) than reading, talking and writing.

Without spoken/eritten language however we will not be able to relearn to synchronize with natural/cosmic principles, cycles and transitions.

The Akan in Ghana have a strong (bird) symbol and a ‘do-word’ for retracing our humanizational steps: Sankofa.

‘go back, get what you  need to go further’

To me the mythological song Hotel California, repeatedly number 1 in the Dutch Top 2000 every year, is about our Western lost ability to perform/practice this collectively.

I had to find the passage back ..to the place I was before