Take me back sings Van Morrison (1991) in search for when it felt so right, so good, the eternal now.

The Eagles sang in Hotel Calfornia in 1976: I had to find my way the place I was before.

The Beatles already in 1969 sang ‘Get back to were you once belonged‘.

Where are we going to and what are we searching for when …

..we listen to these songs

..we read poems like ‘Paradise Lost‘ and ‘Paradise Regained

..we try to understand, as surrogate/neo-Greeks and modern Europeans, in our never ending quests for Golden Fleeces, The Holy Grails and King Arthur’s Swords,

..we try to reveal the secrets of Jesus at the Cross and the Ultimate Redemption/Divine Salvation in monotheistic religions?

Our worlds and lives may change and enrich if we let our gaze dwell, our ways of perceiving, outside of Europe in order to look back and see ourselves anew though the eyes of polytheisms like the Vedas, Buddhisms and Taoisms.

Even more when we try to look through eyes of the ‘Animisms’ of  Indigenous Peoples (see HERE recognition of their worldviews by the United Nations