What is there left to tell about being human?

After the hundreds books I did not read.

Thousands of academic papers written but never read

Millions of songs and poems I did not understand.

Taking myself less and less seriously as a (hu)man in my last lifephase.

Looking at the suffering of humanity at the brink of the new year.

Listening to the last recordings of some late male heroes David Bowie (Lazarus) and Leonard Cohen (You Want it Darker).

And reading our female wise anthropologists Edith Turner (Communitas), Unni Wikan (Resonance), Ellen Dissannayake (Art is Making Special), Sarah Hrdy (Mothers and Others)…..

For Gregory Bateson, biologist/anhropologist/systemthinker, says about ‘systemic wisdom‘: if you are not keep on trying to sync with nature’s – cosmic – cycles, transitions and principles your break yourself and your (and our) world.

What is there to say?

For males: try facing loosing face and still rise and keep loving…. and…follow the girl and grandmother in yourself.

For females: listening to my mother and all my mothers (AISA & KAKU)…please bring us back to paradise when you were still in the lead.

Listen with awe to some of our (San) grandfathers/mothers: Dancing N/OM