Art by Dirck

  1. STONE  AXE: artisanal continuity over milennia
  2. KAKU ‘Ancient Father’: equivalent to Great 1986 2019 Bekkum Schele Havik GREAT MOTHER REPRESENTATION2
  3. SQUINTED HAWK is my Second Name: An Epigenetic Story
  4. GREAT MOTHER: Let Us Go Home Again
  5. SEAHORSES: Gender Complementarity Manifests Itself in Many Forms
  6. THE EYE OF HORUS: Fathers Learn to Die to Make Way for Sons
  7. The Eternal Now: Diasporic Messages in a Cheops Spiraling Table1996 2014 
  8. MIND-BODY-SOUL: Lost Powers Returning (Light in Motion)
  9. AISA & KAKU:  No Archetypes but Floating Fluid Images
  10. BRETAGNE DOME: Female (Yin/Yoni) contains the Male (Yang/Lingam)